Oligo Fucoidan

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    Key Features

    FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (Seaweed Formula) is exclusively licensing by the Taiwan (COA) Fisheries Research Institute via the technology co-operation. It is made in Taiwan with the use of natural, huge and precious, high quality oceanic brown seaweed, with the advanced technology to produce high purity concentration of “Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan” – the essence of small molecules can increase absorption rate and no awful smell. In order to assure high quality and safety, all production is under high quality control and inspection_ therefore, it is a marine treasure optimal for health and physical goodness. FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (Seaweed Formula) is the No.1 low molecular weight fucoidan (500Dalton) in the world, small molecule is easy to absorb, high qualities and safety. Each batch of production is inspected by SGS, a third-party inspection unit. No content of heavy metals residues, no strong algae smell and no radiation when compared to product from other countries.