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"Hi-Q Fuco Spirulina Tablets –, is a diet supplement combined of natural & high quality grade brown seaweed(contains Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan), Spirulina, Chlorella, Astaxanthin, a combo algae & seaweed formula suitable for everyone in the family for diversity perspective of lifelong health management, like a balanced diet, a regulate body, or a better look in physical strength and skincare. Hi-Q Fuco Spirulina Tablets is safe and suitable for everyone in the family for lifelong health and nutrition needs, the best daily combo of diet supplement.


In which the brown seaweed extract Fucoidan is the natural, high purity and high quality grade low molecular Fucoidan from Hi-Q with the exclusive technology licensing by the Council of Agriculture Fisheries Research Institute. We use the pollution-free oceanic brown seaweed from the eastern Taiwan and the Penghu areas. We refine a low molecule technology to extract high purity and high quality Fucoidan, this helps to enhance absorption by 40%. It is also contain no salt, no odor and no unusual taste. health food, seaweed extract, Fucoidan, Oligo Fucoidan, Fuco Beauty, Fuco Pets, Fucoidan Beauty, Fucoidan Pets, health, beauty。


Contains : Brown Seaweed extract(Fucoidan), Spirulina, Chlorella, Astaxanthin, provide comprehensive health and nutrition needs


Brown Seaweed : low molecular Fucoidan, high purity and quality, enhance absorption by 40%

Spirulina : contains essential amino acids and high vegetable protein, the best alkaline food to enhance physical strength

Chlorella : rich in vitamins and dietary fiber to help digestion, healthy diet

Astaxanthin : Natural Hawaii Astaxanthin is a kind of carotenoid, functional nutrition is 11 times of β-carotene, 550 times of vitamin E, for better skin care


Hi-Q low molecular Fucoidan is technology licensing, exclusively cooperate with the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute Council of Agriculture. Through the technology cooperation, the R&D research help the product development; the source of raw materials and consistent of high quality product control in the operations process, provides scientific data on the basis of cell experiments and animal studies, therefore,the final product is safe and secure for the consumer at large.

Proven Cell and animal experiments

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