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Fuco PetsTM – Low Molecular Fucoidan (Fucoidan For Pets)

With the advanced biotechnology exclusively authorized by “The Taiwan FRI Institute, Council of Agriculture (COA)”, Fuco PetsTM is the best Fuocidan for lifelong health at every stages for your pets. Ingredients are natural, premium high quality graded oceanic brown seaweed.

We use advanced “low molecularity technology” to extract the purest and highest potency primarily (Fucoidan)

, mainly (Fucose) - a polysaccharide body; this is much more easier for pets to intake,digest and absorb at every stages.  Fuco PetsTM is the best Fucoidan dietary supplement available in the market for your pet lifelong health. 

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Product Name 

FucoPetsTM- Fucoidan

Purpose For Usage 

 Pets & Animals


Sea Brown Seaweed Extract mainly (Fucose) - a polysaccharide body; Primarily Fucoidan

Capsule ingredients

Edible gelatin

Package Contents

250mg × 30 capsules / box

Directions for use       

Fed directly or mixed in Pet food


Avoid direct sunlight, Keep in dry and cool place;

Keep out of the reach of children

Shelf Life     

2 years

Effective Date     

Marked as labeled, Lot No.# & Expired date

Product of Origin       


Manufactured Factory   

Long Shine Biopharma Co. Ltd.



Daily  Usage

< 5kg

1 capsule

5-10 kg

2  capsule

10-15 kg

3  capsule

15-20 kg

4  capsule

20-25 kg

5  capsule

25-30 kg

6  capsule

Take 1 capsule per 5 kg of the weight of your pet


 Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. www.hiqbio.com

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  • Minimum Order:12
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