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FucoHiQ Oligo FucoidanTM - Low Molecular Fucoidan

With the advanced biotechnology exclusively authorized by “The Taiwan Fisheries Research 
Institute (TFRI), the Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture (COA), Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM is the health supplement made of “Fucoidan”, an natural extract mainly (Fucose) - a polysaccharide body from the premium graded, natural oceanic brown seaweed found in Taiwan. Under the use of “low molecularity technology” to extract the purest and highest potency primarily (Fucoidan) in a low molecular weight fucoidan (500Da), we named this high quality “low molecular weight Fucoidan” as 

“Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM”, the best natural Fucoidan dietary supplement available in the market for your lifelong health. health food, seaweed extract, Fucoidan, Oligo Fucoidan, Fuco Beauty, Fuco Pets, Fucoidan Beauty, Fucoidan Pets, health, beauty

Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM is special in its composition of low molecular weight fucoidan and outstanding  to general commercial fucoidan : The difference is Hi-Q has utilized the advance “low molecular technology” to extract the purest fucoidan from brown seaweed in its original macromolecules fucoidan (polysaccharide) to “low molecular weight fucoidan” (oligosaccharides) for better effective benefits and results. We highly recommended to take Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan your lifelong health and longevity.

Product Name 

Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM – Low Molecular Fucoidan (500Da)

(High Potency Formula)

Purpose for Usage

Health Dietary Supplement

Key Ingredient    

Brown Seaweed Extract mainly (Fucose) - a polysaccharide body; Primarily Fucoidan extract

Others ingredients

hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, water,, titanium dioxide, iron oxide

Package Contents

550mg * 60 capsules / box



Avoid direct sunlight, Keep in dry and cool place;

Keep out of the reach of children

Shelf Life     

2 years

Effective Date     

Marked as labeled, Lot No.# & Expired date

Product of Origin       


Trade Mark Registered By

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.

Manufactured Factory   

Long Shine Biopharma Co. Ltd.

Suggested Use 



Best before meal with a glass of water

As a dietary supplement: Take 2g daily

Strengthen benefit     : Take 4g daily or as directed by a health professional

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