FucoBeauty - Fucoidan Anti-Aging Bio-Fiber Mask

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    FucoBeauty, Fucoidan anti-aging skin


    • Feature:Lightening
    • Use:Breast

    Key Features

    Product Name : FucoBeauty – Fucoidan Anti-Aging Bio-Fiber Mask

    Products: Fucoidan Anti-Aging Bio-Fiber Mask
    Flexible compact, lifting, soothing
    Moisturizing, Anti-aging

    Reverse aging by the secret of ocean from the evolution of marine biotechnology – low molecule fucoidan – a key to regenerate collagen in old and rough skin to a new face of youth skin.



    Natural ingredients from the ocean, a premium grade, high quality, oceanic brown seaweed from Taiwan to extract the essence of cosmetics grade fucoidan for anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammation. The state-of-the-art biotechnology to refine the polysaccharides fucoidan into low molecular fucoidan; the essence of fucoidan is liquid form, which can easily penetrate the fine lines of the skin, regenerate the process of collagen synthesis. So that the facial skin is soothing, lifting, moisturizing, more compact like youth skin, and erase fine lines in times in natural way of anti-aging.

    High quality Bio-Fiber Mask + Fucoidan + Natural Ingredients : added marine collagen, seaweed essence, nano platinum, and witch hazel extract, balance oil, (Aqua) water enhance the facial skin, the skin care conditioning to the best condition to maintain moisturizing skin, good facial color all day.



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