Oligo Fucoidan Gel

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Key Features

Contains Fuco Skin– Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan

Purely natural marine and herbal ingredients, can be directly applied on pets

Effectively for skin regeneration and soothes other skin problems


Product Name: Oligo Fucoidan Gel (For Pet Animals Wound & Skin Care)
Pack size: 15ml
Ingredient: Oligo Fucoidan
Hibiscus Complex Extract

TrehaloseNeroli Essential OilPurified Water
Direction for use :
Apply an appropriate amount to wounds or affected skin area three times a day. For better results,it can be repeatedly use if needed.

Key Benefits : Improve wounds healing, reduces redness and swellings, provide relief to signs of inflammations or irritations and soothes discomfort caused by allergies and other irritations, suitable for all pets.

Precautions :
In case of any discomfort immediately stop using the product and rinse with clean water.

The product consists of natural herbal extracts.

Sign of natural smell or darker color are a natural phenomenon, this is not harmful to the safety of the product.

External Use Only : The product should be applied externally. Ingest or licking the product may adversely affect the benefits.
Retention period: At room temperature for two years (unopened only)
Expiry date: (Year/Month/Date)
Country of Origin Made in Taiwan 

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