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Oligo Fucoidan

FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (Seaweed Formula) is exclusively licensing by the Taiwan (COA) Fisheries Research Institute via the technology co-operation. It is made in Taiwan with the use of natural, huge and precious, high quality oceanic brown seaweed, with the advanced technology to produce high purity



海紅鯛 : 一口銷魂 鮮味絕倫

【鱻來厚道】獨創國際專利生態循環養殖系統,能比傳統節省60%以上水資源。 使用純海水飼育,肉質再進化。 特製魚食,魚食原料為人們也都能安心食用的高檔食材,包含芝麻、鯖魚、蝦等,還添加褐藻醣膠。獨家餌料讓魚肉無腥味、鮮美絕倫。 專業TUV 逐批兩次檢驗.305項藥殘、重金屬檢驗合格。 HACCP廠加工,品質安全有保證。 【鱻來厚道】的每尾魚自然、健康、快樂 ! 從魚場冷鏈送至餐桌,安全美味鱻食尚。

About Us

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. was established in 1998. Hi-Q stands for high quality products & services. Our marine biotech business consists of Ecological Re-circulating Aquaculture Technology (ERAT) & System (ERAS), and the Marine Biotech Health Product Series – low molecular Fucoidan.

Hi-Q’s Marine Biotech Health Products Department –We have strong Research & Development (R&D) cooperation with the Taiwan government agencies – the Council of Agriculture (COA), TFRI and the foreign governments, the professionals in medical science, food science and health care for developing the best Fucoidan functional materials & ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare products. Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan (Low Molecular weight (500Da) Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide- mainly contains (fucose), extracted from natural marine brown seaweed for natural health care & skin care products.